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ePlane Autopilot: A Fully Automated Way to Source Aircraft Parts


We know that sourcing parts can be a long and complicated process. That is why the ePlane team has worked hard in the past couple of months to automate your RFQ process completely.

We are proud to introduce ePlane Autopilot, the perfect tool that enables vetted airlines to reduce thier average source time with just one click. ePlane Autopilot sends RFQs to relevant sellers and collects the quotes – all that’s left for you to do is make the decisions and send POs.

ePlane Autopilot is an integrated part of the ePlane dashboard. No software download needed.

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Watch: ePlane Autopilot sends RFQs automatically

Start automating your RFQ process and reduce your average source time with one click. ePlane Autopilot sends RFQs to relevant sellers and collects the quotes - you just make the decisions and send POs.


Step #1: How to Activate ePlane Autopilot

ePlane Autopilot


Once you opt-in to ePlane Autopilot, you simply:

1. Click the Autopilot tab located on the main navigation bar

2. Choose from two options: Add part numbers manually or upload a bulk list via Excel

3. Set the parameters to refine your search: priority (AOG, critical or routine), condition, quantity, etc.

That’s it! ePlane Autopilot is in control.

You can also sync your ERP system to ePlane.

Contact our Account Specialists now, and they will guide you through the process.


ePlane Autopilot


Step #2: ePlane Autopilot Does the Rest

ePlane Autopilot automatically sends RFQs to relevant sellers and collects the quotes. The powerful machine-learning algorithm that is at the heart of ePlane Autopilot enables you to streamline your sourcing process:

✓ Studies your purchase history and unique business needs

✓ Retrieves only in-stock items from vetted sellers & MROs

✓ Gathers all results on a user-friendly dashboard

✓ Provides you with 24/7 access to your demand list

You will receive real-time updates for every demand via email.


ePlane Autopilot


Step #3: Chat, Compare, and Finalize Deals Online

With ePlane Autopilot, you can do it all in one place:

✓ Review and compare quotes

Chat directly with sellers & MROs

✓ Receive tags and documents

✓ Send POs and close the deal

Your job is complete!

All your transactions and conversations are logged for future use.

ePlane Autopilot


Try it now for yourself!

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Fulfill your demand list automatically with ePlane Autopilot in a few simple clicks.

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