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Aircraft End-to-End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) inventory Available on ePlane


We are excited to announce that Aircraft End-to-End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) has synced its inventory with the ePlane platform.

You can now browse through thousands of as-is and serviceable components and fulfill your demand list in a few clicks.

AELS is one of the largest stockists of Boeing (737/747) and Airbus (A320/ A330/A340) parts in Europe. 

AELS inventory exceeds more than 5,000 different part numbers.  

AELS buys its own aircraft, dismantle its aircraft at its own location (Netherlands) with their own team and sell the parts directly to its customers worldwide.

AELS supports more than 500 customers on a daily basis

Customers value AELS excellent trace paperwork (PPW), enabling customers to fit parts successfully to their aircraft.

Patrick Morcus, CCO at AELS said: “A serious shake up of the aviation industry with new ideas and solutions is needed to support airlines in increasing their profitability.

It is great to see that ePlane is showing the industry a new approach to the supply chain and the use of existing ERP systems.

It is amazing to see how fast ePlane got the interface with Quantum Control up and running. I am convinced that ePlane will show airlines soon the benefits of its platform.

Can’t wait to embrace ePlane’s next step in their shake-up of the aviation industry. “

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