EL AL Selects ePlane Autopilot to Manage Aircraft Parts Sourcing


As of August 20, 2018, EL AL Israeli Airlines started using ePlane’s multiple sourcing tools. The company’s demands are synced in real time to the ePlane platform, and RFQs are being sent automatically to relevant sellers & MROs worldwide via the ePlane Autopilot feature.

Kobi Golan, EL AL Procurement Director was quoted as saying: “Using ePlane Autopilot will allow our Procurement team to receive faster and more accurate data of the inventories existing in the market and needed for our fleets. It will allow us to be more efficient. We found ePlane to be the best and most advanced solution for our needs. The usage of the ePlane solution is another important part of launching modern state of the art Supply Chain IT systems in EL AL in the last years.”

Itsik Maaravi, ePlane USA CEO was quoted as saying: “We are very excited to join forces with a leader in the Israeli aviation industry. EL AL has fully automated its RFQ process and managed to reduce its source time substantially. This is good news for airlines of all types and sizes.”

Henry Chen Weinstein, Cockpit Innovation CEO, said: “The business collaboration between EL AL and ePlane is yet another proof of Cockpit’s successful investments in innovative technologies. As part of our close relationship with EL AL, our goal is more than just providing financial gain by investing in promising startup companies, but also to drive technological value to the aviation industry and enable significant market traction for our portfolio companies. ePlane Autopilot is just the first phase in ePlane’s vision. This cutting-edge system will enable EL AL, and other commercial aviation players in the future, to perform their procurement, lease, maintenance, RFQ processes in a much more efficient manner, and thus reducing costs and delivery times. This will eventually improve both customers’ satisfaction and airlines’ profitability.”

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