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ePlane and Fuyo General Lease Group announce investment and partnership agreement


Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd., a Japanese leasing company, has signed an investment and strategic partnership with ePlane, the fastest-growing aerospace online trading and insights platform, to support the company’s business development.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Fuyo General Lease has an experienced group of executives invested in numerous companies. The corporation leases aircraft, machinery, and equipment and also provides other financial services.

Fuyo Lease Group sees the aviation industry as a strategic area for growth. The investment and strategic partnership with ePlane as the fastest-growing aerospace tech innovation company will disrupt the industry.

ePlane, a Cyprus-based company, is online trading and insights platform for aerospace parts and repair services. Through advanced machine-learning technology, automation features, ERP integration, live chat communication technology, online payment solutions, and business reports based on each company’s procurement and sales activities, it increases efficiency for both buyers and sellers. 

Since its launch in 2018, thousands of companies have joined the platform and automated many of their activities. Through the Covid-19 crisis, the platform’s activity has tripled to over $1bn in demands generated as the market has sought a digital solution, efficiency, and automation.

Fuyo statement as published in Fuyo PR.

Fuyo Lease Group is actively involved in solving social issues while at the same time practicing the concept of CSV (Creating Shared Value) to grow as a company and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

By working together, ePlane and Fuyo General Lease will expand the scope of the aircraft business in new innovative ways.

The introduction of Fuyo and ePlane was facilitated by Deloitte Corporate Finance teams in Israel and Japan.

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