New Company Profile

Hutchinson – JEHIER Business Unit inventory Available on ePlane


We are excited to announce that Hutchinson – JEHIER Business Unit has synced its inventory with the ePlane platform.

You can now browse through thousands of different materials (tapes, films, foams and more) for the repair and maintenance of your Fuselage/ Burnthrough blankets – Ducting insulation – Cabin interiors and fulfill your demand list in a few clicks.

For more than 160 years, Hutchinson has been serving customers around the world through its international footprint and involvement in all steps of the production process. The group continuously develops new innovations that enable commercial aircraft, regional, and business jet owners meet their sourcing needs. A global leader in vibration control, fluid management and sealing system technologies, Hutchinson stands out with a multiple market offering spanning multiple areas of expertise, delivering synergies and added value.

Through its multiple areas of expertise, Hutchinson can meet even the most complicated requirements of its customers. Products such as its anti-vibration mounts, seals, hoses, elbow connections, and cast and molded rubber parts improve comfort and safety in a variety of markets. Today, these solutions are found throughout the world, in automobiles, planes, high-speed railcars, rockets and submarines. The new materials and processes that we constantly develop enable mobility to advance.

The company’s expertise:

• Body sealing systems
• Precision sealing systems
• Fluid management systems
• Materials and structures
• Vibration control systems

Hutchinson reported revenues of €4.154 billion in 2018 and has more than 44,000 employees in 25 countries.