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OH Capital Assets Aircraft Parts Inventory Available on ePlane


We are excited to announce that OH Capital Assets has synced its inventory of aircraft parts with the ePlane platform.

You can now browse through thousands of items and complete your transaction with a few simple clicks.

OH Capital Assets is an aftermarket accredited distributor of aircraft parts and components. The team’s days are spent dedicated to the acquisition and sales of aircraft materials requested by global clients. With fifteen years worth of experience, its extensive knowledge of and connections within the aviation and aerospace industry help the company provide fast, dependable service. OH Capital Assets purchases new procurements and acquires aircraft for teardown. This allows the company to build its inventory in a cost-effective manner, facilitating the transfer of savings to the clients.

The company’s stock consists of proprietor parts coming primarily from airline surplus inventory and comprises a wide variety of new, overhauled, and serviceable parts such as:

  • Constant speed drives
  • Integral drive units
  • Generators
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Starters
  • Valves
  • Actuators (Electrical and Hydraulic)
  • T-CAS processors
  • Indicators

And more.

All parts are sold with a full trace to the corresponding airline or F.A.A approved source and are supplied with 8130-3 and teardown reports (when applicable).

OH Capital Assets’ aircraft teardown experience includes Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier (CRJs), and other OEMs.

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