Pentagon 2000 Customers Can Now Sync With ePlane


ePlane has joined forces with Pentagon to help users effortlessly benefit from our free aerospace marketplace.

ePlane now provides Pentagon 2000 Software users with the ability to instantly add their inventory to our marketplace free of charge. They can select the inventory they wish to export and then use the ePlane Marketplace to sell, loan, exchange and repair aircraft parts.

Once synced with ePlane, Pentagon customers will enjoy exposure to potential buyers from around the world, at no extra cost.

Pentagon 2000 Software Inc. is a leading supplier of enterprise software systems in the aerospace, defense and electronics industries.

ePlane is a free ecommerce platform designed to create a reliable and efficient, free marketplace for the aerospace industry. It enables straightforward transactions to be quickly and easily carried out online.

ePlane is dedicated to creating an advanced marketplace that can seamlessly sync with the latest software for the industry.

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