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Aircraft and Engine Parts Inventory Available on ePlane


We are excited to announce that Aircraft and Engine Parts has synced its inventory with the ePlane platform. You can now browse through thousands of items and complete your transaction with a few simple clicks.

Since 2003, Aircraft and Engine Parts, LLC has succeeded in partnering with leading players in the aviation industry to meet the growing demands of this dynamic sector, which continues to experience exponential growth. Aircraft and Engine Parts, LLC has made itself an indispensable and reputable partner consistently providing premium equipment and services to the aviation industry.

Located in Doral, Florida, the company’s modern facilities comprise of 16,000 square feet of office space, avionics “cold room”, and parts and engine storage. The service team has over 100 years of combined expertise in virtually every gamut of the aviation industry, from manufacturing to repair, from purchasing to leasing, from flight operations to logistics.

Managing a global client portfolio, Aircraft and Engine Parts, LLC is committed to the highest standards of quality assurance and procedures, providing reliable equipment retrofitting and upgrades, in adherence with new government standards and technologies. The company has embedded quality processes in strict compliance with the FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B and has enhanced quality standards by complying with ASA-100 Certification.




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