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Pan American Tool Available on ePlane


We are excited to announce that Pan American Tool Corporation has synced its inventory with the ePlane platform.

You can now browse through the company’s array of quality aircraft cutting tools.

Founded in 1986, PAT supplies specialized precision metal cutting tools for the aviation and aerospace industries. The family-owned company has expanded from Port Lauderdale, Florida to Alabama, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, and serves global customers from 188 countries both directly and via distributors. PAT has emerged as a global standard for product quality and value, application knowledge, and responsiveness to customer needs for a myriad of critical cutting tool applications for private, business, commercial, and military aircraft.

Pan American Tool Corporation supplies quality tools in multiple categories:

  • Pneumatic tools
  • Drills (cobalt, threaded shank adapter, double margin)
  • Composite cutting tools
  • Reamers
  • Paint cutters
  • Carbide burs
  • Surface conditioning
  • Fasteners & installation tools
  • Winglet kit

And more.

Mauricio Mendoza, International Sales & Marketing Manager at Pan American Tool Corporation said: “98% of our orders are shipped the same day, regardless of final destination”

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