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TrueAero Inventory Available on ePlane


We are excited to announce that TrueAero has synced its inventory with the ePlane platform. You can now browse through thousands of items and complete your transaction with a few simple clicks.

Whether you’re in the market to acquire, sell or lease commercial aircraft and engines, seeking asset management services, or looking for a reliable source of aftermarket materials you can count on TrueAero to produce the results you’ve come to count on.

TrueAero was founded in 2014, and has evolved from a commercial airframe and engine material supply and distribution company to a mid-to-end of life diversified aviation platform that offers investment strategies, portfolio management and leasing/trading services to a growing global customer base.

The company has a growing inventory of lease engines and aircraft. With over $680M in leased assets managed, TrueAero has earned a reputation as a trusted leader in the engine and aircraft leasing business. At the core of their leasing business are Airbus and Boeing, narrow and widebody passenger aircraft, and Pratt & Whitney, GE, Rolls Royce, IAE, and CFMI engines.



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